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Natalie Bell, Mindfulness Meditation


Natalie Bell, PT, CMF has been practicing mindfulness for over 25 years. She is a UCLA certified mindfulness teacher working with individuals and groups teaching awareness and compassion practices for greater ease and well-being. Natalie works in her private practice Mindful Wellness offering individual programs, classes, and workshops, and teaches for UCLA MARC and Teach For America teachers. She was trained to teach Mindful Self Compassion by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer.

Charmaine Clamor, Physical Therapist


A physical therapist for 15 years, Charmaine has treated in various settings (acute, ICU, outpatient, pediatrics, neuro-rehab) but her specialties are orthopedics and women's health -- primarily pelvic floor dysfunction. Her

approach is holistic, integrating all disciplines of healing with evidence-based nutrition. Her current focus is improving healthcare for women, particularly post-partum.

Joia Gibble, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner; Transformative Coach


Joia is a healer and transformative coach who helps people overcome life challenges and fearlessly work through life transitions.  She is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique with Source Technique TM and also works with Oracle Cards, Reiki, and mindfulness techniques.

Amanda Martindale, Music Therapy


Amanda Martindale, MT-BC, started out her career working with those incompetent to stand trial and NGRI. She moved to acute psych, working with children, teens and adults on DTS or DTO holds and with a trauma/eating disorder/special recover unit. Amanda works with Alzeimers/Dementia patients as well and worked to start a music therapy program in the jails and at a foster care ranch. Also a singer/actress in the entertainment industry, she wrote a screenplay about the effects of music therapy in the psychiatric setting. The concept trailer to help raise funding for the movie is at

Allie Mc Nay, Music Therapy


Allie McNay is a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) who graduated from Chapman University in Orange, CA with a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy. Although Allie has clinical training in a variety of settings, she is most passionate about working with children and adolescents with emotional and psychiatric diagnoses, as well as older adults with dementia/Alzheimer's. She lives in Los Angeles, and currently works at an acute psychiatric hospital in Torrance, CA.

Andy McQuade, Certified Reiki Practitioner


Although a theatre director by profession, Andy has been healing and working with chi since he was a child. From 1995 to the present he continues to visit and study with his beloved master in Varanasi, India where he is dedicated to a path of self-knowledge and helping to facilitate healing for those who ask. He is a certified reiki Level Three practitioner, incorporating chi healing, with an instinctive and empathic approach. 

Natalie Moore, Mindfulness Training


Natalie is a holistic psychotherapist in private practice in Pasadena, Ca. She integrates mindfulness into her work to assist clients in finding balance in their lives. Trained at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Natalie has taken a whole-person, humanistic approach to treatment from the beginning of her career. She has seen the impact that mind-body modalities have had in her work with various populations such as children on the autism spectrum, individuals recovering from substance addiction and families healing from traumatic experiences. Natalie is currently taking on new clients and treats a broad scope of presenting issues. Visit for more information.

Gwen Nable, Physical Therapy


Gwen has been practicing physical therapy (adults and geriatrics) in various acute, subacute, acute rehab, and outpatient settings since 2004. She has been working for the Veterans Administration (VA) since 2005 and provides care for our Military Veterans who suffer from cardiopulmonary issues, chronic pain, orthopedic injuries/surgeries, neurological disorders, sports injuries, combat injuries or other movement impairments. While at the VA, she also learned Healing Touch, a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Kim Neer, Yoga Instructor & Doula


Kim is yoga instructor who believes anyone can do yoga and loves to teach students of any age, any level, in any body. She has trained in prenatal and postpartum yoga in addition to a 200hr hatha training. She also has a lot of experience teaching children. She believes in the healing power of this ancient practice, but also feels that it should be fun and playful. Besides yoga, Kim offers birth support services as a fairly newly trained postpartum and birth doula, and does placenta encapsulation.

Lyn Pacificar, Shamanic Healer


Lyn Pacificar is descended from a long family line of shamanic healers.  In her healing practice, she employs reiki, energy clearings and extractions, chakra aligning and activation, drumming and tribal singing.   With the assistance of Spirit, Archangels, Ascended Masters, spirit animal guides, and mediumship, Lyn helps her clients achieve healing on many different levels.  She is a certified Usui Holy Fire reiki practitioner and a certified Psychic Housewife for readings and mediumship.

Jessica Pantermuehl, Nutrition; Board Certified Health Counselor


As the founder of Beautifully Balanced Nutrition, and Head of Nutrition Counseling at Angel Longevity Medical Center, Jessica is known as a passionate and caring Holistic Nutrition Counselor. She uses an integrative approach with an emphasis on supporting women with hormonal health, PMS and preparing their bodies for healthy pregnancies.

Ligia Patino, Healing Touch


Ligia (A.K.A.YAHKIRAH) Patino is a healing touch apprentice. She completed Healing Touch levels 1-4 through Healing Belong Borders in La Joya, California. For the past 25 years she has been working in the medical field, working  as Sonographer since 2003, worked as Medical Lab  Technician  and nursing care Technician since 1989. Ligia is currently working at as medical associated support and completing her healing touch level 5 to be certified as a international healing touch practitioner.Ligia is currently an apprentice healer at VA hospital  and has the privilege of working with delightful  veterans and  now,  she wants to share to her community.

Sarah Silva, Alexander Technique


Sarah Silva is an AmSat certified teacher and a graduate of the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles. In addition to her Alexander Technique certification, Sarah has received her Bachelor of Music degree from the Hall-Musco Music Conservatory at Chapman University in Orange, California as well as a Master of Music degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Angela Zeyn, Energy Clearing and Healing


Angela is an innate healer. Her gifts of clairvoyance, empathy, and her skill as a clairaudient means she is an open channel for God's healing energy to flow through her. She is diverse in her healing modalities, with the ability to communicate with spirit. Angela experienced a miracle which brought about a clear calling within her to go fourth out into the world to help the many that are without a voice; meaning those who are incapable of speaking for whatever reason.  This calling is a true blessing from God that is her greatest passion to fulfill.

Chloe CulhaneYoga Instructor


Originally from London, Chloe began practicing Yoga and very soon after undertook teacher training in Hawaii with Evolation Yoga. Chloe teachers Hot Yoga and meditation practice. The class will explore different branches of Hatha Yoga and involves Vinyasa, Static Postures and Yin Yoga, and the traditional 26 posture series.

Julian SambranoEnergy Healer


Julian is an intuitive energy healer. He studied under the spiritual teacher, Leas Maria, who pioneered the 5 Elements of Mind. This new healing method creates a dialogue between the 5 aspects of the human personality; ego, mental, body, emotions, and soul. The objective is to create personal power through the strengthening of a self-loving identity. Although, Leas passed away in 2014, Julian continues to be inspired by Leas and her work, facilitating sessions that empower others to process new consciousness. He takes on clients with his intuitive energy healings, while also training others in the 5 Elements of Mind.

Abe Ammari, Active Release Technique


Abe was born and raised in Windsor Ontario Canada.  He graduated from the University of Windsor and came to Southern California to complete his education and pursue a career as a Chiropractor. During his schooling he had the opportunity to become certified in a number of effective techniques that have proven to enhance quality of life and over all well being. On his spare time Abe volunteers and rescues animals, mainly dogs. He is extremely happy, excited, inspired and honored to be a part of The Better Angels Festival. He is looking forward to sharing the Art, Science and Philosophy of health with everyone involved and those he will be serving.

Heather Fazelinia, Healing Touch


Heather is a Registered Nurse at the VA hospital radiation oncology department. She has been working at the VA as a nurse since 2007, and is currently a healing touch practitioner apprentice. She has completed Healing Touch IV and is currently working on becoming certified as a practitioner. She sees the intention to heal others and see others as God sees them, all worthy of grace, love, and healing. She is mentoring with Anne Day, who is well known in the healing touch community.

Joanna Cazden, Voice Rehabilitation


Joanna Cazden, MFA, MS-CCC, is a speech pathologist specializing in voice rehabilitation and a respected advocate for holistic, multi-disciplinary voice care. Joanna offers private services in voice rehabilitation and training, workshops and master classes for voice students, and seminars for speech pathologists and vocal arts teachers. Joanna also sees voice patients by medical referral at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s outpatient Voice program. Helping to found this program in 2001, she has treated well-known pop singers, actors, broadcasters, and musical-theater artists. She was a clinical instructor for ten years at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), and has presented scholarly papers at major voice conferences in the USA UK, and Mexico. In 2004 she was named a Fellow of the California Speech and Hearing Association, an award that honors excellence in clinical service, teaching, and community service. She incorporates many modalities to her approach such as Fitzmaurice, Feldenkrais, ThetalHealing, yoga posture and more.

Michelle Wong, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


Michelle Wong is a licensed acupuncturist, and practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Functional medicine. She graduated from UCLA with Bachelor of Science, and from Dongguk University, Los Angeles with her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and has studied in both Beijing and Seoul. She was the primary research associate to Dr. Shui Yin Lo, for the applications of Stable Water Clusters in health care, and is an expert in Thermal Meridian Imaging. A fellow with the Metabolic Medical Institute, she continues her research in ASD with custom homeopathy and gentle biofeedback through the Spectravision technology. Michelle currently practices in the Los Angeles area and leads retreats at 4000 ft in Mt. Baldy, CA.

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