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Caitlin Benya



Caitlin is an intuitive double pisces - her way of experiencing and seeing the world is through a deep empathy, sensitivity and natural intuitive ability. Drawn to the arts all her life, she has expressed herself creatively and traveled the world through the mediums of acting for stage and camera, singing, poetry, and spoken world. It is no surprise that she finds herself in this new chapter, drawn to the healing arts. Always fascinated by the metaphysical healing modalities, Reiki called her in a clear and specific way. Upon listening, synchronicities unfolded that guided her quickly to her Reiki Master, whom she received Reiki I & II Attunements from honoring the Usui/Holy Fire System. In addition to her private practice, Pisces Intuition, Caitlin participates in various community events and also volunteers at the non-profit Heal One World in LA. It brings her joy sharing her gifts and connecting with more people in new ways through the kind, humble, and universal Reiki energy. She would like to thank Charmaine for the opportunity to participate in this year's Better Angels Festival.


Naturally as we go through our lives, our subconscious is never unplugged - it records every living moment, every thought, every breath, every emotion. Negative or positive. Gone unchecked, this tape can create unwanted energetic build up and blockage in both our aura field and chakras. This becomes the energetic signal we transmit to the world, and in turn matches what we receive/attract. Energetic build up (known as 'bioki' in Japanese) can be excess, unwanted energy, and/or negative energy. Whether consciously or unconsciously, by hanging onto the old patterns, negative thoughts and emotions, beliefs, judgements, relationships, situations, memories, substances, behaviors, principles that don't serve us, we can spiritually veer off the course of our highest truth and highest path. Many times manifesting in physical illness.

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, can help to restore balance, health and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit by cleansing these energetic blockages with 'spiritually guided life force energy'. It is relaxing and stress reducing, and restores a healthy flow of Ki (life force energy) where needed, promoting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

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