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We Hope One Day You'll Join Us


Are you ready to flap your angel wings? We need you. The Better Angels Festival welcomes...


Administration. Be part of pre-, during- and post-festival planning and procedures.


Healers. Provide one-on-one healing sessions or group workshops.


Crew. Cats and kittens who can move stuff, assist visitors and improvise solutions.


Security. Because not everyone is an angel. Yet.


Ambassadors. Greet visitors and guide them to what they seek. Manage lines, answer questions and troubleshoot problems.


Messengers. Help us get the word out to the underserved: free health clinics, senior centers, women centers, etc.


Catering. Assist catering manager in preparing and serving daily zero-to-one-utensil meals to on-site volunteers. Serve free Community                      Meal from donated/pot luck/ scrounged ingredients. Manage daily supply of filtered tap water from our on-site tap.


Email us at  with the Subject Line "I Want to Be a Better Angel." Tell us what you want to do and we'll figure out how to make it happen.



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