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James Julian Castillo is the executive director of Flowerman Productions, a social business production company based in Los Angeles whose mission is to help create a more sustainable and just world by giving people tools they need to provide for their needs while making the environment become more abundant through youth empowerment and the arts. He has a background in community organizing and is a board member of a Chicago based non-profit, Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide, and is a volunteer organizer with the Los Angeles based non-profit, Pilipino Workers Center.

Give Me Love Give Me Peace

Ethan Christy is a filmmaker and artist currently living and giving in New York City. Always discovering more and more reasons to love good people and the wonderful world they inhabit.


Giorgio de Bruijn is a multidimensional being who enjoys wearing the suit of a writer/filmmaker in order to express himself creatively - telling new powerful paradigm shifting stories that are more in alignment with the true harmonious nature of creation.


Jonathan Harper is a NYC based automotive photographer / media guy / race car driver who seized the Better Angels opportunity to expand his art beyond the automotive realm. 


Michael Konik is an author, essayist, poet, and neighborhood librarian whose lifelong proximity on the margins of the movie business has finally paid off in a directing gig.

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