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Duncan Christy is a writer and musician based in New York. More about the different aspects of his work can be found at

Josh Karp: 30, was raised on the East Coast but moved West ten years ago. He is a Failed Cartoonist, Discordian Pope and was Adopted at birth. He survives off the consumption of ink and through his daily intake off beer and whiskey. When he is not creating artwork, he his practicing divination for the Inner Party at the Ministry of Information. For unknown reasons he created a homunculus in his own image in the summer of 2015 out of mud, ink and the pages of several Stephen King novels. He and his doppelgänger enjoy playing poker with Tarot cards at Bars on full moons. Their favorite word is 'Vardøge'."

Maria Petrina Mina is a creative person who loves to draw and paint life. Inspiration is everywhere and in everyone. She tries to capture their essence through her personal vision and style.

Daniel Overberger is a yoga teacher, musician, writer and artist in Los Angeles, California. For more info:

Edward "PonchotheArtist" is an influential Artist and Founder of Art is My Drug, Poncho is a best known as a Tattooist | Body Artist | Creative influencer, who set out to make his mark in the Art industry 6 years ago with the development of "Art is My Drug", an organization that celebrates art as a lifestyle, through philanthropy and community engagement. 

Poncho has grown his visibility significantly, working with top celebrities, and models, in addition to collaborating with a variety of  influential artists, as well as being featured in LA Weekly and Inked Magazine, where he was named "Top 10 Tattoo Artists in LA". 


Roderick Smith is a visual artist working in a variety of mediums.  He believes strongly in the infinite healing power of creative action in reuniting our body life with the unfathomable soul that resides within.

Mark Ulriksen is a San Francisco-based artist and illustrator. He is best known for his work as a New Yorker magazine cover artist and regular contributor for the past 20+ years. He wrote and illustrated his first book, Dogs Rule Nonchalantly this past fall.

Charles Romano Wandag ( also known as Ras Badjaois as a musician ) is a multi-media artist from the Kalinga tribe in the northern Philippines and now he lives in Des Moines, Iowa. One of Charles’ passions is bringing art to all people.  He is the founder of Aborlan Arts Program, which transforms the lives of at-risk youth through an intensive art, culture and leadership course.  Charles continues to be an ardent teacher, imparting Kalinga traditions to children in schools around the U.S. 

Chris Zambon is a Plein Air painter with a contemporary view of landscapes. She works directly from nature and feels that color and rhythm are her primary voices. Born in Wisconsin, she now makes California her home and is married to jazz and classical musician Kim Richmond.

Jacob Rokke aka "DJ Bad JuneJune"  is a visual artist based in Los Angeles.

Kelly Hogan uses symbols in her paintings to portray personal insights that hold personal significance. The message she conveys in her art is the message of hope, the power of positivity. She encourages this perspective in her audience in the way she hopes they would lead their lives.

Clare Hebert is an artist and art educator in Los Angeles. She began working with the modern concept of hero, saint, angel, and other mythological subjects after learning to write traditional icons with a Russian painter. Her painting vocabulary aims at identifying social barriers as a means of re-establishing a sense of tribe and community within an American metropolitan context.

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