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Music Workshop with Laurence Hobgood

Multiple Grammy nominee and 2010 Grammy winner Laurence Hobgood will provide a clinic to musicians who would like to understand theory/harmony better, or to non-musicians wanting to be able to follow jazz as they're listening. Pre-registration required.

Instructor: Laurence Hobgood

Grammy-winner and multiple-nominee Laurence Hobgood has enjoyed a multi-faceted and dynamic career as a musical director, arranger, producer, educator and contemporary virtuoso pianist. Perhaps best known as the musical director for jazz vocalist Kurt Elling (1995-2013), Hobgood shares his music around the world.


Monday, July 6 - Main Room




IMAGINE! You Too Can Learn to Play the Ukulele! (beginner, all ages, no prior experience necessary)

In this workshop presented by ukulele virtuoso Abe Lagrimas, Jr., you will learn new chords and a variety of strumming patterns and be able to play John Lennon's classic hit song, "Imagine", which can also be heard on Charmaine Clamor's new album "The Better Angels".

Instructor: Abe Lagrimas, Jr.

Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award-winning artist Abe Lagrimas, Jr. is a versatile and professional multi-instrumentalist on the drums, ukulele, and vibraphone. Abe has performed at ukulele and jazz festivals throughout the world and released multiple albums in the United States, Japan, and Korea. An active educator, Abe has written instructional ukulele books for Consonus Music Institute and for the Berklee Press, and has been involved with the Los Angeles Music Center for their annual programs "Ukule-Along" and "Ukulele Christmas Orchestra". Abe endorses Koolau Ukuleles, Kaminari Cables, and Fusion Bags.


Special thanks to Louis Wu and Ohana Ukuleles for providing the ukuleles for these workshops.


Monday, July 6 -  Main Room



Friday, July 10 - Main Room




Living Deliciously: Recipes to Welcome Joy Into Our Lives

In the course of several years of publishing monthly newsletters, a few themes have emerged to reflect on “juicing” life for all it’s worth, even during moments of crisis. Frequently, the wording would make some sort of reference to the culinary world, in order to illustrate certain ideas. This is how the book “Living Deliciously” was born, as well as this workshop about elevating the quality of our lives. The suggestion is that the ingredients explored in this workshop “like water for soup”, essential to experience life’s diverse flavors. Yes, in life there will be moments that are hardly palatable. However, being intentional about extracting the “pulp” or lessons available prepares us to move through this journey fine-tuning our ability to notice subtleties meant to deepen our insights. This workshop focuses on ways to improve our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Instructor: Melissa Shepherd

Melissa Shepherd was born and raised in Panama and then she moved to California to continue her college years. A graduate of Antioch University in Los Angeles, she’s a psychotherapist serving for over 18 years and has been dedicating herself to design and present programs on how to live with GUSTO by taking charge of one’s health in body, mind, and spirit. Her book titled “Living Deliciously: Recipes to Welcome Joy into Our Lives” is a compilation of her newsletters including exercises and reflections on how to “squeeze the juice” out of life. In addition to private practice, she serves as a psychotherapist at the California Institute of the Arts and Adjunct Faculty in the School of Cultural and Family Psychology at Pacific Oaks College and Children’s School. Her community service serving as Vice-President of the International Society of Black Latinos, an organization that endeavors to expand knowledge about Latinos in the African Diaspora through workshops and special events.


Wednesday, July 8 - Room 2

2:00pm-3:00pm (Spanish)


Wednesday, July 8 - Main Room

4:00pm-5:00pm (English)



Social Emotional Arts: "Find the Breath That Brings Vocal Joy"

Centering through longtones. Learning ancient songs of spirit spirituals and bhajans. Each person will demonstrate by singing a part of the song that is learnt by the group. Spontaneous compositions are also encouraged. 

Instructor: Radha Botofasina

With her ten music albums: Life in God, Peace and Unity, Start the Day with Love, Mantram, Aspirations of the Heart, Urbane Ancestors, The Spirituals, Songs of the Eternal Soul, Ambient Harp Meditations, We are Spirit, Radha Botofasina has traveled to Havana, Cuba to record original music with members of the Buena Vista Social Club. She spent twenty years performing as a vocal soloist and background singer with Alice Coltrane on her sacred music albums Divine Songs, Glorious Chants, and Infinite Chants.


Saturday, July 11 - Main Room




Write Like a Writer

Best-selling author Michael Konik explains the habits and techniques of professional writers in a fast-moving one-hour clinic. Konik will lead an impromptu writing exercise and take questions from students. This workshop is open to all ages and aptitudes, but it's designed for writers who are serious about becoming writers.

Instructor: Michael Konik

Michael Konik is the multi-awarded author of nine books of fiction and non-fiction. His provocative 'Thought of the Day' essay has appeared daily for more than 10 years on his site,


Thursday, July 9 - Main Room




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